Influence and involvement

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The Influence-involvement matrix

This simple matrix could help you to consider different groups and the extent to which you need to involve them in a collaborative process. In some cases, you may have to invest time and effort to get certain stakeholders to the table and in other cases, you need to avoid the risk of excluding those who are not particularly visible (or audible).


Conduct a systematic stakeholder analysis to identify and prioritise those who should be engaged.


  • Quadrant I: This is an important group to include. You may need to convince stakeholders who have power and influence to involve themselves in the process.
  • Quadrant II: Those who are engaged and have influence are likely to participate actively. You may need to find ways to create or provide space for those in the other quadrants.
  • Quadrant III: Do not neglect these stakeholders with significant interest in the process, who may be powerless, marginalised or silent.
  • Quadrant IV: This group should not take up too much of your energy and time. A word of caution: this may be a group that is easy to ignore rather than hard to reach – ensure that you do not inadvertently exclude those who do not express their interest publicly.